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Pascal and Delphi Coding Latest KB Comments

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Posted 39 hours ago
Using BDE TTables to read or write text file records
How to read or write data from comma-delimeted or fixed length record text files in Borland Delphi.
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Posted 5 days ago
Using Null Terminated and PChar Strings in Delphi
How to use Delphi's two varieties of string variables: Pascal strings and PChar strings.
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Posted 19 days ago
Delphi Comments (// or { ... } or (* ... *))

Languages Focus: Comments

Commenting code generally has three purposes: to document your code, for psuedo coding prior to coding, and to embed compiler directives. Most languages support both a single line comment and a multiple line comment. Some languages also use comments to give instructions to the compiler or interpreter.

Delphi Comments

Commenting Code, Delphi uses // for a single line comment and both {} and (**) for multiple line comments. Although you can nest different types of multiple line comments, it is recommended that you don't. Compiler Directives - $, A special comment. Delphi compiler directives are in the form of {$DIRECTIVE}. Of interest for comments is using the $IFDEF compiler directive to remark out code.
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Posted 21 days ago
Delphi Inlining (Inline)
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Posted 22 days ago
Delphi Member Property (

Delphi Member Property

Delphi uses a special property keyword to both get and set the values of properties. The read and write keywords are used to get and set the value of the property directly or through an accessor method. For a read-only property, leave out the write portion of the declaration. You can give properties any visibility you wish (private, protected, etc). It is common in Delphi to start member fields with "F" ("FName" in our example) and drop the "F" with properties that manage member fields ("Name" in our example).
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Posted 39 days ago
A 10 Minute Your First Delphi Class Quick Start
Beginners example of creating and using a class. Early versions of Delphi use the standard OO private, protected, and public visibility specifiers plus add published for RTTI info. Later versions of Delphi add strict private and strict protected for a true OO implementation.
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Posted 41 days ago
Using ShowMessage
ShowMessage displays a simple dialog box with the text you provide it. It is one of the most used ways of displaying information.
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Posted 46 days ago
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Posted 46 days ago
Using Record Types In Delphi
How to use records in Delphi.
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Posted 50 days ago
Camel versus Pascal Casing
What is the difference between Camel Casing and Pascal Casing?
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