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Self Keyword (Corel Paradox and Access VBA Cross Reference Guide)

By Mike Prestwood

Corel Paradox versus Access VBA: A side by side comparison between Corel Paradox and Access VBA.

Language Details

Language Details is kind of a catch all for stuff that didn't make it into language basics nor any other category.

Self Keyword

[Other Languages] 
Corel Paradox:   Self

A built-in object variable that represents the UIObject to which the currently executing code is attached.

Syntax Example:  
method pushButton(var eventInfo Event)
  msgInfo("", self.Name)
Access VBA:   Me

Same as VB. The Me keyword is a built-in variable that refers to the class where the code is executing. For example, you can pass Me from one module to another.

Syntax Example:
Private Sub Command10_Click()
    MsgBox Me.Name 'Displays name of form (Form1 in this case).

End Sub

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