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Associative Array (Delphi and VB.Net Cross Reference Guide)

By Mike Prestwood

Delphi versus VB.Net: A side by side comparison between Delphi and VB.Net.

Data Structures

Data structures allow you to store and work with data. Common data structures include arrays, associative arrays, etc.

Associative Array

[Other Languages] 
A set of unique keys linked to a set of values. Each unique key is associated with a value. Think of it as a two column table. MyArray['CA'] = 'California' MyArray['AR'] = 'Arizona'

Languages Focus

Associative arrays are also known as a dictionary or a hash table in other languages.

Delphi:   TStringList Assoc Array

Object Pascal doesn't have a native associative array, but you can use a TStringList the same way. (Alternatively, search the Internet for TStringHash and THashedStringList classes for implementations of a true associative array).

Syntax Example:
  StateList : TStringList;
StateList := TStringList.Create; 
  StateList.CommaText := 'CA=California, FL=Florida';
  ShowMessage('FL is ' + StateList.Values['FL']);
VB.Net:   Dictionary

An associative array links a set of keys to a set of values. In Visual Basic, associative arrays are implemented as Dictionaries.

This code produces a message box saying "Nevada."

Syntax Example:  
//Imports System.Collections.Generic
Dim States As New Dictionary(Of String, String)

States.Add("CA", "California")
States.Add("NV", "Nevada")

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