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Overview and History (VB.Net and C++ Cross Reference Guide)

By Mike Prestwood

VB.Net versus C++: A side by side comparison between VB.Net and C++.

Tool Basics

Developer environment basics such as common file extensions, common keyboard shortcuts, etc.

Overview and History

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Language Overview: VB.Net is an OOP language (no global functions or variables). You code using a fully OOP approach (everything is in a class).

Target Platforms: VB.Net is most suitable for creating .Net Framework applications. This includes desktop business application using WinForms and websites using WebForms.

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Language Overview: C++ is a hybrid traditional C and OOP language. You code either in a traditional approach using functions, procedures, and global data, or you code using an OOP approach, or a mixture of both.

Target Platforms: C++ is suitable for creating any type of native code applications for many different platforms. The focus of this information is on creating native code Win32 applications that run on Microsoft Windows.

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