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Mike Prestwood
1. Actor (PSDP Online) In PSDP Online, an actor is a UML Actor, role, or person that interfaces with the system you are building. When establishing actors of your system, do not think in terms of a specific person, think in terms of their role. Do not name an actor the name of the person filling the role. If Bob is our Sales Clerk, name your actor Sales Clerk (not Bob).
11 years ago

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PM, Process, and PSDP

Mike Prestwood
2. Process: Software Artifacts The term software artifact has a general meaning in software development process. Several processes have used this term as part of their process. This article focuses on both the general definition and a specific implementation in PSDP Online.
11 years ago, and updated 11 years ago

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PM, Process, and PSDP

Mike Prestwood
3. PSDP Requirement Item A software artifact that documents what the software must do. In PSDP, we collect general requirements and requirement items. Together the general requirements and requirement items make up the Requirements Specification. Also, requrement items are one of the four items that make up a PSDP Artifact.
11 years ago

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PM, Process, and PSDP

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