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This topic covers website business best practicies, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques, and social networking (using Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc., for marketing).

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Mike Prestwood
1. How to Promote Your Website Ideas for promoting your website.
11 years ago
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Wes Peterson
2. Make Other Web Sites Drive Up Yours: Do-it right!

Having lots of other web sites host links to your site is a great way to make search engines regard your site as important, or relevant.  It helps ensure high visibility for your site when Internet visitors use search providers to find content related to your site.

There are several ways to accomplish this, but you must tread carefully: The wrong techniques can backfire - with serious consequences.

10 years ago, and updated 9 years ago
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Mike Prestwood
3. Social Networking Business Strategies

Marketing and sales is about reaching out to people. People are on social networks so you, or your company, should be out there too. For some companies, a particular social network such as Facebook is another valuable marketing channel. For others, a social network might be a way they interact with their key customers or vendors.

9 years ago, and updated 9 years ago
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Mike Prestwood
4. Using Facebook for Business Checklist & FAQ

Currently Facebook is the "it" website for social networking. Create a business page for your business, but ONLY if you‘re going to post business stuff to it at least once a month. A simple approach is to show the more social side of your business. Yes, you can post company happenings like specials, awards you‘ve won, events you‘re attending, and company functions like company picnics and get togethers.

You have to have a personal account, but if you really don‘t want to be on Facebook, you can create a personal Facebook account and only use it for business. This approach allows you to friend clients and interact with them, but you‘ll have to be disciplined and keep your family and true friends off of it, and keep it business focused. Meaning, like the old days, keep your politics, religion, and sex to yourself. You‘ll have to act within your personal Facebook page like you act at the office--professionally at all times.

If you already have a personal account, create a Facebook page for your business. If you don‘t wish to mix personal info with business, set your privacy settings to friends-of-friends and direct business-folk to your page. Facebook groups are limited to 5,000 members and are used for family, or friends, or club-like activity. However, if your club activity is public, it is better to use a fan page any way. Just like your public account, fan pages are indexed by the search engines but groups are not.

9 years ago, and updated 9 years ago
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