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Prestwood IT Newsletter May 2013 Issue - Full Edition

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  May 2013 - Full Edition Year 15 Issue 5  
Your full service technology partner!

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Coding Services Info topic:
Version Control Initial Checkin
by Mike Prestwood

If the client is an SLA Paradox Support client:

  1. Put a copy of the database (backup ok) on Drive P.
  2. Put a copy of the source files on Drive P.
  3. [OPTIONAL] Add source files to version control.

If the client is an SLA App Maintenance Client:

  1. Create a version control database for client.
  2. Create a app/project database.
  3. Check in source code.
  4. Put a copy of the database (backup ok) on Drive P.

Otherwise, putting files on Drive P and/or version control is optional, but billed hourly.

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