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Prestwood IT Newsletter Jun 2015 Issue - Full Edition

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  June 2015 - Full Edition Year 17 Issue 6  
Your full service technology partner!

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Help Wanted! topic:
Contribute To The Prestwood Community
by Mike Prestwood
We are always looking for talented developers to participate in our message boards, post articles, etc.

Coding Services Info topic:
Version Control Initial Checkin
by Mike Prestwood

If the client is an SLA Paradox Support client:

  1. Put a copy of the database (backup ok) on Drive P.
  2. Put a copy of the source files on Drive P.
  3. [OPTIONAL] Add source files to version control.

If the client is an SLA App Maintenance Client:

  1. Create a version control database for client.
  2. Create a app/project database.
  3. Check in source code.
  4. Put a copy of the database (backup ok) on Drive P.

Otherwise, putting files on Drive P and/or version control is optional, but billed hourly.

Lighter Side topic:
Scrambled Text
by Mike Prestwood
Apparently if the first and last letters are correct, the rest don't matter.

Working Remotely with PS topic (classic post):
Instant Message with PS Staff
by Mike Prestwood

For online business chatting, we use MSN Messenger. MSN Messenger also works with Windows Messenger which comes with Windows XP and above. MSN Messenger is a free download.

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