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1. Comment about Mike Prestwood at Roseville Downtown Tuesday Nights 2011
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4. Comment about Prestwood IT ... Coming to a Radio Station Near You!
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5. Unable to start Application Workshop
I hope there are still some eyes out there with PfD 4.5 knowledge. I am writing the successor to a Paradox system. Part of the reverse engineering process is understanding the old system. Thanks to Amazon, I've got the "Using Paradox 4.5 for DOS" book from Queue (1993) and a few others (including the "What Every Paradox 4.5 Programmer Should Know," by our host here.) I'm trying to get under the hood of the app, but have been stopped at the door. When I try to get into the Application Editor, I get the error message "Can't find required script." This happens immediately after clicking the system menu --> utilities --> workshop.  Any thoughts? [Edit] I should mention that it is entirely possible that the original developer disabled this functionality to keep the curious (non-technical) staff from tinkering with critical scripts.
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