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Local Network Monitoring in Carmichael, CA

Network monitoring watches your network for problems proacively.

Network Monitoring

Network monitoring includes monitoring devices that do not have a local agent installed including:

  • Routers
  • Switches
  • Printers
  • SaaS Services: Office 365, etc.
  • Other: Scanners, etc.
  • Out of plan computers.

Network Probe

Our network monitoring is done with our Network Probe. Our network probe allows us to support you with advanced features including:
  • Installs agent on most workstations and servers.
  • Allows for 3rd party software installations.
  • Monitors devices that do not have an agent.

Support-Level: Essential vs. Pro

Pro Support

Included with Silver and Gold Plans

Essential Support

Included with Bronze Plan
  • Advanced Remote Control
  • Advanced Network Monitoring adds:
    • Printer (low ink, low paper, etc.)
    • Connectity (server up/down)
    • SMTP Up/Down (verifies you can send email)
  • Advanced Server Monitoring adds:
    • Connectity (server up/down)
    • Domain Controller
    • Exchange
    • MS SQL
  • Real time optimization: optimizes your computer in realtime.
  • Weekly Maintenance: deep maintenance.
    • Check Disk
    • Defragment
    • Delete Temporary Files
    • Firmware Updates
  • Remote Support Manager: Allows us to perform advanced operations.
  • Automation Scripts: Fix many problems with prewritten scripts.
  • Self Healing: autofixes many problems with NO interaction from us.
  • Warranty Watch: part of an overall DR plan.
  • Remote Control
  • Network Monitoring
  • Computer Health Monitoring
    • Audit Patches (missing patches=vulnerable [Win only])
    • Disk (low HD=no patches)
    • CPU Utilization Rate (spiked CPU=hacked computer)
    • Memory (spiked memory=virus)
Not Included (included with Pro Agent):
  • No Realtime Optimization
  • No Weekly Maintenance
  • No Remote Support Manager
  • No Automation Scripts
  • No Self Healing
  • No Warranty Watch

In-shop and In-person Local Services Available for Carmichael

From 80, take the Riverside/Auburn exit south. We are located just off the freeway at the corner of Twin Oaks and Auburn.

Stop by!

Stop by our offices to discuss your needs, for a meet and greet, or to drop off a computer.

8421 Auburn Blvd, Suite 256
Citrus Heights, CA 95610
office - 1.916.726.5675
fax - 1.916.726.5676
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Carmichael Network Monitoring
Carmichael, CA, , 95608 and 95609 zip codes, (916 area code, Sacramento county)

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