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Delphi Coding Group

Welcome Guest!  This page is the Delphi Group summary page (Pascal and Delphi Coding). Embarcadero Delphi group covering all aspects of Delphi Coding. Delphi is a Pascal-based development tool from Embarcadero, formally Borland CodeGear.

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Nothing New Since Your Last Visit 1. Comment about Delphi Case Sensitivity (No)
Thank you for doing these sample questions! Question#8 could be clarified a bit more though to specify that the different case variables cannot be used within the same scope (thus the answer is False). At first I thought the question was asking if either case could be used in Delphi (I was thinking different scopes), which would lead to a True answer. --- Janice
Posted to KB Topic: Language Basics  « Delphi KB
50 days ago, Updated 50 days ago by

Nothing New Since Your Last Visit 2. RE: {Too Long}
--- manoj
Posted to MB Topic: Delphi News / Other  « Delphi Board
72 days ago


Delphi Message Board

TopicThreadsPostsLast Active Thread 
Delphi COM / ActiveX / DCOM2353
Excel and Word automation
{Too Long}
6 years ago
Nothing New Since Your Last Visit
Delphi Distributed Apps50118
Delphi BDE - Directory Busy
{Too Long}
34 months ago
Nothing New Since Your Last Visit
Delphi Internet Solutions4995
RE: Question regarding TWebBrowser...
u r genius, I was stuck by doing this Panel1.text:=webbrowser1.statustext;  It always give me error message. Did not relised that it should be the text put after the := sign. This is the difference between VB and Delphi thing. --- tanghz
54 months ago
Nothing New Since Your Last Visit
Delphi News / Other100267
RE: {Too Long}
--- manoj
72 days ago
Nothing New Since Your Last Visit
Delphi Object PASCAL102594
RE: Pascal Database Toolbox (TAcce...
S.V.P Je cherche une UNIT TACCESS.PAS qui sera compatible avec BDS 2006.Merci bien. --- saidelhani
7 months ago
Nothing New Since Your Last Visit
Delphi Single User Apps105263
RE: INI file problem
these settings are process at application creation and cannot be set from ini file. They have already been set by the time the file is read and cannot be changed by then. --- Dave
18 months ago
Nothing New Since Your Last Visit
Delphi User Groups56
Mike Prestwood
Delphi User Groups LIsting
The following page on lists Delphi User Groups: Delphi User Groups -
7 years ago
Nothing New Since Your Last Visit
Delphi VCL68276
RE: ComboBox Text won't clear.
ComboBox.clearselection; :) ..  --- salambanan
26 months ago
Nothing New Since Your Last Visit
Kylix (Archive)1035
Suse 9.1 and Kylix 3
I recently installed Kylix 3 on a new Suse 9.1 machine. The install went fine, no problems or anything. When I click on the icon to start delphi, nothing happens. It looks as if it is strting, the task appears in the taskbar and the computer appears to be doing something, but then it dies. The task disappears from the task bar, and Delphi never loads. Any ideas what is causing this?
11 years ago
Nothing New Since Your Last Visit

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