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Local Custom QR Code Service in Citrus Heights, CA

Local help in Citrus Heights CA. Let us manage your QR code technical details. Including 95610, 95611, and 95621 zip codes (916 area code in Placer county).

We will create and manage your use of QR codes. Services include colorized custom QR code creation, website landing pages optimized for mobile devices, design of printed material, etc.

Fast, friendly service.


QR Code Uses

QR codes can accomplish any of the following:
  • Landing pages on your website (or hosted on ours).
  • Like Us on Facebook
  • View a Video
  • Download a contact vCard (embedded or linked)
  • Launch mobile version of website
  • Download a mobile app.

QR Code Placement

You can place QR codes on many places including:
  • Business Cards (vCard or dial number)
  • Back of Business Cards (lots of uses)
  • At work (on Windows, signs, etc.)
  • At events (on signs or banners)
  • Any printed material, sometimes appropriate for video/TV too.

Portfolio Examples

The following are some examples of QR codes we've integrated into ad campaigns.

1. The following is a simple level 2 QR code. Most devices can scan this code.

2. The following is the above customized with a lion face.

3. The following is 3 foot by 4 foot banner placed next to the food vendors at the games.

4. The following QR codes we use on the back of our business cards, on our Window at the office, and on signs at events.


This is our vote for us QR code for the Best of Citrus Heights 2011 contest:

In-shop and In-person Local Services Available for Citrus Heights

We are located at 8421 Auburn Blvd, STE 256, Citrus Heights, CA and serve the local community with in-shop and in-person services.

Stop by!

Stop by our offices to discuss your needs, for a meet and greet, or to drop off a computer.

8421 Auburn Blvd, Suite 256
Citrus Heights, CA 95610
office - 1.916.726.5675
fax - 1.916.726.5676
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Prestwood IT

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Citrus Heights Chamber Member
Prestwood IT is a member of the Citrus Heights regional chamber of commerce and a President level sponsor. In addition, we are the IT company for the Citrus Heights chamber. As a reference, feel free to give Bettie Cosby a call at 916-722-4545, Bettie is the current Citrus Heights Chamber President.

Located in Citrus Heights since 1/1/2000!

Located at 8421 Auburn Blvd, Citrus Heights, CA 95610

Citrus Heights Custom QR Code Service
Citrus Heights, CA, create, custom QR Code service, colorized QR codes, 95610, 95611, and 95621 zip codes, (916 area code, Placer county)

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