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  From the February 2008 Issue of Prestwood eMag
Prestwood IT Load Balancer:
LB: Startup Configuration Options
Posted 12 years ago on 3/27/2007 and updated 5/28/2008
Take Away: Load Balancer startup configuration options.


Startup Configuration Options

Load Balancer

Load Balancer

Delphi 6


  • The Reset button will reload the current settings from the file startup.cfg. This allows the user to undo the changes made since the last file save.
  • The Save button saves all of the settings to the file startup.cfg.
  • The Close button returns to the Load balancer user interface.
The options on this screen are:
  • Activate on Startup: Starts the Load Balancer automatically when the application is run. The Load Balancer will bind to the I.P. address(es) specified in the configuration, and begin routing requests.
  • Enable Logging: Toggles logging of routing status messages to the screen on and off.
  • Enable Header Log: Toggles verbose logging of message headers on and off.
  • Log to File: Toggles logging to file "pLoadBal.log" on and off. All messages that are logged to the display are also logged to the file.
  • URL to display when site is down: Specifies a URL to display when the current response is "404 Not Found." This could be a notice such as "Site Down, please try later", or a mirror site.
  • Default Host Settings/I.P.: The I.P. address to bind Load Balancer to if no other I.P. addresses are specified.
  • Default Host Settings/Port: The default port to listen on. This port will be used for the default I.P. address, and any I.P. address specified in the additional binding addresses which does not include a port number.
  • Bound Hosts: The I.P. and Port edit controls here allow the user to add additional I.P. and Port bindings. The Add button will validate the user entries and add them to the list of I.P. Bindings to the right. The Delete button removes the address currently selected in the I.P. Bindings list.


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