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  From the June 2008 Issue of Prestwood eMag
Prestwood IT Load Balancer:
LB: User Interface
Posted 12 years ago on 3/27/2007 and updated 5/28/2008
Take Away: Load Balancer user interface options.


Load Balancer Help Contents

The Load Balancer user interface is shown below.  It consists of a main status window, where the results of the routing of incoming requests are shown.  This status window also reports the results of user functions.  Here is an explanation of the functional elements of the user interface:


  • File\Exit: Deactivates and closes the Load Balancer.
  • Tools\Startup Configuration: View / change the options in startup.cfg.  This will open the form.
  • Tools\Routing Configuration: View / change the routing table in routing.cfg.  This will open the form.
  • Help\Help Topics: Displays this Help file.
  • Help\Product Web Page: Launches the Prestwood Software web page for the Load Balancer product.
  • Help\Online Support: Launches the Prestwood Software Message Board support web page for the Load Balancer product.
  • Help\Inside Prestwood: Links to the Prestwood Software support and product web pages.

Control Flags (check boxes):

  • Enable Log: Toggles sending messages to the Log table on and off
  • Enable Header Log: Toggles verbose logging of message headers on and off
  • Log to File: Toggles logging to file "pLoadBal.log" on and off. Be careful not to leave this on because it might fill up the hard drive.


  • Start/Stop Service: Starts / stops the Load Balancer NT Service, which executes the HTTP request listen functionality. Started state of the NT Service is configureable.
  • Clear Display: Blank the screen.
  •  Reread Config: Refread the configuration file to change routingf
  •  Display Routing: Displays the routing configuration and message stats


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