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Prestwood Delphi Gazette Archive:
Delphi Gazette Archive: 1998
Posted 8 years ago on 4/3/2011
Take Away:

Our Delphi Gazette ran for a vew years in the late 90s. This page archives 1998.


Delphi Gazette Archive

The Delphi Gazette was our monthly newsletter prior to the Prestwood eMag.

  • Delphi Gazette - Nov 1998 - Volume 1, Issue 10
  • Delphi Gazette - Oct 1998 - Volume 1, Issue 9
  • Delphi Gazette - August 1998 - Volume 1, Issue 8
    The August issue contains A New Look At Exceptions by Robert Muir, Using JPEGs in resource files by Larry J. Rutledge, Windows file association, Writing out Delphi source code to HTML, and more!
  • Delphi Gazette - July 1998 - Volume 1, Issue 7
    The July issue was skipped because Larry J. Rutledge, our editor, broke his collar bone.
  • Delphi Gazette - June 1998 - Volume 1, Issue 6
    The June issue covers Callback Procedures Using Delphi 3.0 by Dan Anaya, our Delphi Apprentice column covers several topics, and in our Components 101 column Larry J. Rutledge covers how to Auto-Repeat TSpeedButtons. Much more included!
  • Delphi Gazette - May 1998 - Volume 1, Issue 5
    The May issue covers Incremental Lookups in our Delphi Apprentice column, and TFileInfo in our Components 101 column.
  • Delphi Gazette - April 1998 - Volume 1, Issue 4
    Last Month, Mike Prestwood demonstrated how to design an object in Delphi by creating a TSysTime object. This month we'll extend it, adding needed funtionality to take an example class and make it more useful. Also in this issue is how to determine the cursor position in a TMemo or TRichEdit control, how to serve up a tray icon, and how to create control panel applets.
  • Delphi Gazette - March 1998 - Volume 1, Issue 3
    This issue covers creating classes for the novice, touches on entity business objects, and answers some reader questions.
  • Delphi Gazette - February 1998 - Volume 1, Issue 2
    This issue covers the Informant CD, GExperts (Programming Power for Delphi), and using Microsoft's IntelliMouse with Delphi.
  • Delphi Gazette - January 1998 - Volume 1, Issue 1
    In our premiere issue Mike Prestwood covers using string grids, using GetHeapStatus, beating shareware expiration dates, and Data Flow Diagrams DFD as applied to a non computer process (Store Bought vs. Diaper Service - Which is Better?).


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