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Staff Filing (LP/AP):
Posted 6 years ago on 11/22/2013 and updated 10/5/2016
Take Away:

At least twice a week, file all papers in GRAY slots on top of filing cabinet.


At least twice a week, file all papers in GRAY slots on top of filing cabinet.

This task CAN be delegated to anyone who needs work. Strive to file a minimum of 2 times per week.

Oldest to Newest

Within a file folder, put newest stuff in back so that when we review, we review from the beginning to the end.

Filing Clarifications

  • Statements=store in Statements Archive box.
  • Receipts=part of AP. Store with AP by month.
  • Client paying stubs/paperwork=part of AR. Store with AR by month.
  • Prestwood check stubs/returned cashed checks=we keep 5 years to match AP for tax purposes.

File Locations: Current

Wide File Cabinets


  • Clients=agreements, work orders, biz cards taped to inside folder, some ads ok. No AR materials.


  • AP=AP stubs, receipts, etc.
  • Payroll=1 folder per payroll with Prestwood payroll hours report, QB import reports, Paychex liabilities/payroll data.
    • Note: Time off requests are filed in the payroll folder for the day requested off. If the day is requested for a future pay period, create the payroll folder for the future period and hold to it.
  • AR=AR stubs, receipts, etc.
  • Vendors=contracts and contract like papers. Some ads. No AP materials.

Tall File Cabinets

Left Black:

  • Employee Files
  • Taxes

Right White:

  • Swag Examples and catalogs
  • Business cards (extras/old)


  • Payroll Binder(s): (Location to be determined.)

File Locations: Archive

These match above.

  • Clients=old client files are kept in alphabetical order in boxes. (Location to be determined.)
  • AP=We keep five years worth for tax purposes. Toss older.  (Location to be determined.)
  • Payroll=We keep ONE box of most current. Toss older.
  • AR=We keep ONE box of most current. Toss older.
  • Vendors=We keep ONE box of old vendors. Keep more current/important, toss rest.
  • Employee Files=do not archive. Keep with current employee files.
  • Statements Archive
  • Taxes=do not archive. Keep with current taxes.
  • Swag=do not archive. Toss if we don't want the example or catalog anymore.
  • Business Cards=do not archive. Keep old. When we run out of room, toss oldest.

Long Term Goal: Paperless

We do want to implement some form of a paperless office.

Option 1: Move all papers to paperless. Keep minimal or none. Client paper folders are nice to have.

Option 2: Move archive to paperless. Keep current as is. With regard to Clients, Vendors, AP, AR, and Payroll, at some point, we will get rid of our archive boxes by moving to paperless at the point we archive. Once setup, we may even move to getting rid of Vendors, AP, and AR. I believe we will be keeping both Clients and Payroll as paper, at least that's the plan.


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