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Creating content is like making cupcakes
Posted 57 months ago on 8/14/2014 and updated 4/7/2019
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An article about  Marketing News.

 A blog topic from raija.f's Blog


What do content creation and baking cupcakes have in common? Quite a lot actually. Both are a process. They require that you have and follow a recipe, combine ingredients, and end up with an awesome (and yummy in the case of cupcakes) finished product. The content marketer's job is to give consumers something they'll love. And just like no one can say no to cupcakes, no consumer can say no to a well-crafted content marketing campaign. Here's a look at four simple steps to create the perfect content marketing campaign.
Gather ingredients
If you have any experience whatsoever, you can probably guess at least most of the ingredients involved in making cupcakes. But if you just guessed on the ratios, there's a good chance your cupcakes wouldn't turn out so well. Just as you would never attempt to make cupcakes, you wouldn't want to attempt a content marketing campaign without doing your research first. A good content marketing campaign requires that you know your audience well. You also need to be current on topics important in your field and know what your competition is up to.
Mix it all together
With your research done and your ingredients gathered, it's time to mix it all together. You can't make cupcakes without mixing ingredients together and you can't run a content marketing campaign without integrating the various aspects of your strategy. This is when you combine everything you've learned from your audience, your competition, and your research on topics related to your field. This is the stage where you can do a little tweaking of the recipe. Be creative, add what you think needs to be added.
Bake and decorate
Eggs, flour, sugar, and cocoa powder do not a cupcake make. What you have at this point is batter. To make cupcakes presentable you need to bake them and decorate them. The same goes for your content marketing campaign. Though you have all the raw data that you need, you need to present it in a way that's appealing to consumers. Add in some high quality images or videos to complement the text. Make sure your content is free of flaws. Even when everything else is perfect, the tiniest mistake draws attention to itself and reflects badly on the one creating the content.
Don't forget to share
Finally, and most importantly, you can't forget to sure. Just as you wouldn't dream of hogging all those delicious cupcakes to yourself, you'll want to share your perfectly crafted content with others as well. There are many different ways to get your content out for the world to see. You can use a company blog, social media, or affiliates. If your content is good, consumers will naturally want to share it. The more you can promote your content the better.
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