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Prestwood IT Newsletter May 2008 Issue - Design Edition


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  May 2008 - Design Edition Year 10 Issue 5  
Your full service technology partner!

Expert guidance from working professionals!
Mike Prestwood
Website Scripting topic:
Security Tips: 13 Ways to Harden Your Code
by Mike Prestwood

13 things you can do to make your code more secure, general advice about the rest of it, PLUS YOUR COMMENTS and experiences.

Artistic (design, layout, etc.) topic (classic post):
Silverlight's new Deep Zoom - amazing effects
by Wes Peterson
Imagine for a moment a web page that displays a group of thumbnail images, and, instead of the usual business of clicking a thumbnail to see a larger version, you simply use your mouse's scroll wheel to zoom in and out, pan about the image; and see incredible detail up to quite large zoomed views. Imagination is now reality.

Software topic (classic post):
bit, kilobit, Byte, PetaByte: What's what?
by Mike Prestwood
From bit to exabyte, know your quantities.

PSDP Step 1-Discovery topic (classic post):
PSDP Online Q&A
by Mike Prestwood

PSDP Online Q&A

Using Data topic (classic post):
Electronics Corner: Coding for 13 and 26-Bit Values
by Wes Peterson
The world of electronics is a fascinating place. Thousands of devices are available as tiny integrated circuits that can do truly amazing things. Some depend upon an external input to "program" them - or change their outputs. Here we explore one interesting aspect of dealing with these gadgets, some fast, low-level math routines that deal in unusual numbers of bits.

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Website Design topic (classic post):
Favorites/Bookmark URL Icon
by Wes Peterson
How do some web sites cause an icon to be associated with the bookmark or favorite entry you create for those them? Here we disclose the "trick."

 Monthly Design Lesson
Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) Topic:
FAQ of the Month: CSS
Question: What is a Cascading Style Sheet?

Answer: A cascading style sheet is a text file with a .CSS extension on your web site that indicates how the web page styles should look. Cascading style sheets make color and style changes easy.

Editor's Final Word
Mike Prestwood

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Mike has written 6 programming books, is the controlling author of Prestwood Software Development Process (PSDP), written many articles, and has consulted with numerous small and large businesses.

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