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Website Design Pricing

New and redesign design and development costs. From Design Pricing page.

Prestwood Services Price Guide

Hourly Pricing

Standard support account pricing. From Hourly Pricing page.

Hourly Rates:

  • Regular = $110 (onsite, remote, coding, tech, design, etc.)
  • Server Tech Service = $125
  • After Hours Service = $135 (before 8AM, after 5PM)
  • Emergency/Weekend Service = $145 (min. 2 hours.)
  • Travel Fee = Free within core service areas Or $25, or $50 or T&M at $55/hour.
Billed in 15 minute increments. Onsite minimum is 1 hour. For business and non-profit accounts, net 30 terms are available.

Computer Tech Pricing Details

From Tech Additional Pricing page.


Same as Hourly Pricing plus:

  • Pick up computer: $25 (must be within 30 minutes travel time, 15 minutes each way)
  • Computer Evaluation: Free (when you drop off your computer at the office, minimum 1 hr charge for onsite)
  • Business Evaluation: Free (we come to your business and consult on your next technological steps.

Computer Tech Managed Care Pricing

Monthly business plan. From Managed Care page.

Computer Tech Managed Care for Families Pricing

Monthly family plan for up to 3 computers (additional computers $19.95). From Managed Care for Families page.

  Regular A La Carte
Managed Care for Families
Per Computer Price : $0 $25/mo.
Add Managed Mobile Device :
(Smart phones/tablets.)
-- $5/mo.
Service Rates
Regular Service Rate : $110 $99
After Hours : $135 $99
Emergency & Weekends : $145 $99
Flat-rate Discount :
(In-shop drop-off only.)
-- 20%
New Website Packages
(No longer offered)
Page Development
100% of all content must be presented prior to the start of building the pages (building starts after you approve the design).
  $100 per page $125 per page
Minimum Development Amount   $500 $1,000
SEO Services (Search Engine Optimization)
SEO Page Optimization (on each page)
1. Different page titles for each page.
2. Initial meta-tags set for each page, based on page content.
3. At least one additional "alt" and/or "title" tag for some elements per page (image, link, area, etc).
Extended SEO Services
($500 and up.)
  Available 10% Off
Graphic Design
Template Based Design   Never
Graphic Artist Fee: Basic Flat
Decent acceptable startup design.
1. Nice Simple Design (fewer elements).

2. Custom color scheme.
(no rounded corners, no shadows, body design not tied to background, same design for all pages).
  (No longer offered)
Graphic Artist Fee: Business
Get a modern professional look!
(body not tied to background, same design for all pages)
Same as Basic Flat above, plus:
1. More complex design (more elements).
2. Some rounded corners and/or shadowing.
  $500 (minimum design fee)
Graphic Artist Fee: Business Plus
Best choice for most successful businesses!
Same as Business above, plus:
1. Different but complimentary home and content pages.
2. Design tied to background image.
3. Background designed for up to 1600 px wide monitors.
3. Additional use of rounded corners and shadowing.
4. Custom tab icon Custom Favorite Icon (.ico)
5. Included robots.txt.
6. Security & Privacy page (at bottom like on
Graphic Artist Fee: Custom Motif
Perfect for movies, celebrities, resturaunts, etc.
Same as Business Plus above, plus:
1. Completely custom design.
2. Design based on flash (lots of movement), or mimics something like a menu, a basketball court, a movie set, a game, etc.
Add-On Design Options
Logo Design   $525
Matching Business Cards*
Design only. No charge to send them to one of our printing partners, you pay for printing to them.
Matching Letterhead*
Design only. No charge to send them to one of our printing partners, you pay for printing to them.
Matching Flyers*
Design only. No charge to send them to one of our printing partners, you pay for printing to them.. Up to 8.5" x 11", front/back, color or B&W. Content fully provided.
Matching Brochures*
Design only. No charge to send them to one of our printing partners, you pay for printing to them. Standard tri-fold or 8.5"x11" booklet (11"x17" folded). Full color or B&W.
*Optional, QR code generation and integration included in price.    
Website Development Done Right!
Logo integration  
Navigation System  
Cascading Style Sheet (.CSS File)  
Header/Footer Include Files
Makes future changes to header and footer easy. For all pages with Business design and for content only pages for Business Plus. We do this using dedicated header and footer files or, better yet, using a master page (an ASP.Net exclusive feature).
Copyright On Bottom of all Pages  
Website Development Add-Ons
Content Management System (CMS)
Manage your own web pages. Although you can edit simple HTML websites developed using DreamWeaver or Expression Web, many business prefer the framework of a good CMS. Price includes DotNetNuke installation (Community Edition), setup of menu (flat or drop-down), apply design, plus 1 hour training.

*Other CMS' such as WordPress and Drupal are available. Contact us for a quote.
Drop-down Menu System
Optional dedicated drop-down menu.
Hit Counter   $25
Today Script   $25
Social Media Links
Links added to either home page or on footer of all pages. Price includes links to any or all of the following: Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

(Ask us about setting up your business social media pages. We consult on a flat-rate or T&M basis for setup and training. No ongoing fees!)
Response Form (email)   $200
Flash Insert
Text and images combined with movement. This price is limited to 5 images and 5 lines of text. Note, flash is currently NOT as compatible as it should: neither 64-bit IE, nor iPhone (for example).
GIF Animation
Text and images combined with movement. This price is limited to 3 images and 3 lines of text.
Editable Region on Page
Most of the time this is limited to a single region on a page and is used to add links, or specials, etc.
  $200 / region
Database Coding   Contact Us

myHostCafe Add-Ons
(Prices reflect do-it-yourself pricing. We are available on a per hour basis to setup/manage any of these services.)
Express Email Marketing   Starting at $7.99/mo. for 1,000 emails
Site Surveys   Starting at $2.99/mo.
Ongoing Search Engine Visibility   Starting at $19.99/yr.
Quick Blogcast
(Blog and Podcast service.)
  Starting at $3.99/mo.
Quick Shopping Cart   Starting at $9.99/mo. for 20 products.
Domain Registration [optional]
First Year Domain Registration Fee   $9.99
Additional Years
For transfers, additional years are "ADDED" to your domain registration. You do not loose any time.
  $9.99 / year
Hosting [optional]
Monthly Fee   $20 per month
FREE Hosting Setup (a $40 value)  
Email Accounts (Pop3)  
Email Forwards  
Email Autoresponders  
Spam Filtering  
Virus Filtering  
Online Visitor Statistics  
Visitor Graphs  
Training (managing email accounts and viewing statistics)
1 Hour Training*
(managing email, using FTP, at Prestwood or on Phone)

Website SEO Pricing

One time fees, permanent results. Also check out our social networking options below. From SEO page.

A-La-Carte SEO

Option 1: SEO Primary Bundle, $875 Per Website

Goal=Make sure your website is built correctly for SEO.

Best practice white-hat techniques expected by the major search engines (no shady techniques used). Includes techniques such as a site map, Google local, YouTube video integration, etc. Ask us about details.

  • Google Setup (primary + local)
  • Bing Setup (primary + local)
  • Home page optimization
  • Robots.txt
  • Site Map

Note: Pay-as-you-go help with Google Local Business. The yellow pages and other printed phone books are no longer the primary source for finding local business. Your local online presence is important and since Google is the current search engine leader, you should start with Google Local Business and we can help.

Option 2: Extended Primary SEO, $15 per page ($150 minimum)

Goal=Make sure your primary and secondary products and services are setup for SEO.

With extended SEO, we optimize your existing primary website pages using current SEO techniques. This ensures your primary pages are catalogued correctly by the various search engines.

Option 3: Social Networking

Goal=Extend your marketing presence into social networking.

Pay-as-you-go help with business social networking. Make effective use of your currently popular social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube. We will help you come up with an online social networking strategy, create and refine your social networking pages, create back links to your website, and effectively link your website to your social networking pages.

Option 4: Google Kickstart+ Package, $375 Per Website

Goal=Make sure you are setup properly within the Google matrix.

Google primary and local is taken care of with our SEO Primary Bundle. This package includes:

  • Google Analytics Integration and training (includes home page only plus 1 hour training. We'll give you a quote for your entire website too)
  • Google Adwords Setup and Tutorial. We get it going, you take over. Optionally, we can run your Google Adwords campaign. Ask us for details.

Option 5: Landing Pages, $125 Per Page

Goal=Put your company within the first 10 search results with some phrases in the top 3.

Specialized landing page for each product and service you offer with an appropriate action for each. Perhaps tied to your city or the core cities you service (see Localization Package below for an example).

This is your BEST long term internet advertising option. One-time fees, permanent results. This type of SEO does work and if it's not optimized to the right phrases, then some experimentation is in order. Most of our SEO clients do play with various phrases as time rolls on. New phrases should be added from time to time and bad/ineffective phrases should be retired in favor better phrases.


  • 5 page bundle: $525
  • 10 page bundle: $950
Localization Package
We will optimize your website for your primary city of business and surrounding cities (up to 6 cities total). Once optimized, local customers will find your website whenever they search for your products or services using any of the cities, zip codes, and area codes specified. This combined with our SEO Primary Bundle will ensure your website and services will be found in your community.

Website Social Networking Pricing

One time fees, permanent results. A powerful option when combines with our SEO options above. From SEO page.

Facebook Business Page ($185)

Key features:

  • We'll use whatever personal account you wish or our account and setup up to 5 admins.
  • Includes configuring initial tabs/options: wall, info, 1 html page, calendar, photos, and videos. For the calendar option, we can use either the default Facebook calendar or, better yet, a more flexible calendar app.
  • Twitter Integration (wall posts automatically to to Twitter as a shortened tweet).
  • Reserve Username - After 25 likes, let us know you want a username and we'll reserve it for you.

Optional Add-Ons:

  • Testimonials Page
  • App Installation and Configuration
  • RSS Feed
  • Custom App Development

Twitter Account ($95)

Key Features:

  • Use whatever email you tell us too.
  • Facebook and/or LinkedIn integration (tweets automatically go to Facebook and/or LinkedIn).

Social Networking Package ($274)

Above Facebook and Twitter packages at a discounted price. A great way to get started!

LinkedIn ($165)

Key Features:

  • Use whatever email you tell us too.

YouTube ($145)

Key Features:

  • Setup YouTube channel.
  • Setup Facebook video synchronization.
  • Upload up to 3 initial videos (we recommend you have at least 3 when you start).


  • Upload Additional Videos ($10 each). After initial setup, we'll manage your videos on a per hour basis.


Still popular with the younger crowd.

Key Features:

  • Use whatever email you tell us too.

Website Maintenance Plans

Ongoing SEO, social networking, and content changes. The most powerful option we offer (includes above items as plain-time allows). From Website Maintenance Plans page.

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