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Remember Me Plugin


The Remember Me plugin is a custom WordPress plugin developed by Mike Prestwood, first implemented on This plugin enhances the default “Remember Me” functionality of WordPress by extending the login session expiration to one year, ensuring a seamless and persistent user experience.

What It Does

The Remember Me plugin adjusts the login session duration for users who select the “Remember Me” option during login. By default, WordPress sets this duration to 14 days. With the Remember Me plugin, this duration is extended to a full year (31556926 seconds), reducing the frequency with which users need to log in, thus providing a more user-friendly experience.

Why It’s Needed

On sites like, where users engage with content regularly but might not visit daily, having to log in repeatedly can be cumbersome and disruptive. This plugin addresses that issue by keeping users logged in for an extended period, making it easier for them to access their accounts and engage with the site without interruption.

Key Benefits

  • Extended Session Duration: Keeps users logged in for up to a year if they select “Remember Me” during login.
  • Improved User Experience: Reduces the need for frequent logins, providing a smoother and more convenient experience for returning users.
  • Security Conscious: Ensures cookies are set securely, enhancing the overall security of user sessions.


The Remember Me plugin was initially implemented on, demonstrating its effectiveness in improving user engagement and satisfaction. It is a lightweight and focused solution that addresses a common need for many WordPress websites.

About the Developer

Mike Prestwood, a seasoned software developer and founder of Prestwood IT Solutions, created this plugin to enhance the user experience on his educational and philosophical platform, With years of experience in software development and a passion for creating practical solutions, Mike continues to develop tools that add value and improve the functionality of WordPress websites.

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