About Our Recommendations

What we currently use at Prestwood IT. Our recommendations include ONLY things we currently use ourselves.

A Few Affiliates

If we also participate in a referral/affiliate program, the recommendation is clearly marked with an "AFFILIATE" ribbon. If you buy these products through our affiliate links below, it's the same price, but we get a small kick-back. That money is used to support our YouTube channels -- free tutorials. Thank you!

Website / WordPress

YouTube Channel: PrestoPro WordPress

Video tutorials on WordPress with a focus on the tools listed here–the toolset we use here at Prestwood IT to build websites for our clients.

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Brainstorm Force

We’ve been building websites for our clients for more than two decades and we’ve migrated and focused our efforts in recent years on WordPress. Within the WP community, we believe Elementor combined with the products from Brainstorm Force represent the current best-of-breed development tools. These are the tools we use to build websites for our clients.

Other Elementor Addons

We also use the following products in every project. For each we have their lifetime and/or unlimited licenses.

General Design

Stock Photos

(Elementor is the ONLY page builder we recommend.)

Image Editing

YouTube Channel: PrestoPro PaintShop Pro

Video tutorials on Corel PaintShop Pro with occasional videos on its supporting programs including AfterShot, Painter, and Mirage.

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Video Editing

YouTube Channel: PrestoPro VideoStudio

Video tutorials on Corel VideoStudio with occasional videos on its supporting programs including AfterShot, Mirage, Painter, and ParticleShop.

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