What is fully-managed WordPress hosting?

With fully-managed WP hosting, we manage all the details for you and allow you to focus on your business and/or using WordPress to push content out to the world. We take care of the design, page content changes, coding, monitoring, ongoing maintenance, 1x SEO tasks, and ongoing SEO. You focus on your business, or, better yet, assign a social marketing liaison to post fresh content to the world on a regular basis, say weekly, or monthly.

Participate at whatever level you wish! We recommend you take full advantage of our WordPress platform and let us take care of all the details with our Fully Managed plan, but we’ll work with you if you want.


Our 3 Managed WordPress plans use our PrestwoodHosting.com WordPress platform. Prestwood IT staff use our agency-level best of breed tools to take care of the back-end tasks. You have full access to the WordPress Dashboard at all times, but we take care of the cPanel, and hosting company issues. If you choose either our maintenance or SEO plan, we’ll take care of those ongoing tasks and monitoring as well.


We also offer our 100% do-it-yourself myHostCafe.com hosting platform. But, when you do-it-yourself, you are not alone! You have us as part of your team. We’ll work with you on an hourly basis and you can even sign up for maintenance and SEO plans.

3rd-Party Hosting

Q. My website is hosted elsewhere and I’m happy with the hosting, can I still take advantage of your monthly maintenance and SEO plans?

A. Yes. If you’re happy with your current host but need maintenance and/or ongoing SEO, we’re happy to work with you.

Marketing Liaison

No matter which hosting solution you choose, we recommend you establish a marketing liaison. We’ll work with that liaison to establish and document a social media strategy appropriate for your company and industry. We can create an online presence using whichever social media and marketing platforms you choose ready for your marketing liaison to use. Just remember, consistent quality posts, not volume, is the key.


Our Plans

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