Managed Antivirus and Security

Fully managed solution for the same price as your antivirus software!

Our Managed AV service provides skilled IT resources, domain expertise, and centralized monitoring/management for a proactive approach to protection against viruses, spam, and malware attacks. There’s free, paid, and managed antivirus. If you are currently on free antivirus, consider moving up to our best of breed Managed AV. If you are currently paying for AV, then move up to Managed AV for about the same price. With Managed AV you get centralized control including a realtime Health Dashboard, monthly reports, and realtime alerts. You also get our essentials agent for remoting, monitoring, and ongoing maintenance.

What is worse than a Virus?
Time and money wasted recovering from one!

Every minute counts in today’s business and viruses can stop your business cold. Threats facing business today include email worms, network viruses, spyware, data theft, phishing attacks, email spam, and malware.

Key Benefits and Features:

  • Total Endpoint Security for Your Business – 95% of small and midsize businesses have an Antivirus installed, but 74% still experienced attacks last year!
  • Reduce Operating Costs – A security incident can stop you from being 100% productive at work. This costs the company a lot of money in lost productivity and in opportunity costs. Removing this risk will save you money!
  • Protect Your Company’s Critical Assets and Information – Proactive technologies ensure an additional protection layer against all types of unknown malware, targeted attacks and Internet threats.
  • A Flexible Security Solution – Our advanced security features offer the appropriate security for any size of company and network.
  • Software Firewall – Allows laptops outside of the network to be fully protected
  • Enterprise Class Solution – Encompassing more than just Antivirus, this solution supports full endpoint security
  • Most Advanced Proactive Technology – Comprised of intrusion prevention, proactive detection and behavioral analysis
  • Comprehensive Reporting Provides Transparency – A wide range of detailed reports are provided monthly to ensure you have visibility of what is happening and that you are being constantly protected
  • Total Peace of Mind – Buying an AV solution, installing it, and then relying on everyone to keep it updated is a worry. Now you can rest assured that all your servers, PCs and laptops are always protected and that we are dedicated to taking care of it for you 24/7.

Why our clients choose our Managed Antivirus Solution

Stand-alone Antivirus Software:

  • Provides a point solution to specific issues
  • Requires manual monitoring and maintenance to remain current and effective
  • Relies on end-user decisions for operation
  • Does not provide consistent version control across desktops
  • Does not provide centralized management

Managed Antivirus:

  • Provides proactive and comprehensive security, monitoring and management
  • Centralizes the deployment and updating of software to ensure coverage and consistency
  • Automates management processes to avoid errors and reduce costs
  • Leverages expert IT skills

Security Options


Agent Monitoring + Patch Management + Managed AV

Security: Powerful combo of Patch Management, Managed AV, and Computer Health Monitoring.​

  Standard AV Managed AV Managed Care
Monthly Status/ Threat Reporting
AV Professionally Configured by Us
Easy to understand profiles including advanced security options such as Anti-malware, Behavioral Analysis, Intrusion Detection System, Active Virus Control, Anti-Phishing, and Network Scanning.
AV Monitored and Managed by Us
Centralized Threat Reporting, Antivirus monitoring, Scheduled Scans, and Signature and Software Updates
Website Content Blocking
Easy to understand profiles including Block Illegal Content, Parents Profile, and Kids-Safe profile.
OS Patch Management
3rd-Party Patch Management
Health Monitoring
CPU (spiked CPU=hacked computer), Memory (spiked memory=virus), Disk (low HD space=no patches), and Patches (missing patches=vulnerable)
Pro Monitoring
Catastrophic events rarely come without warning. Advanced monitoring includes monitoring Windows Update, WAC, UAC, S.M.A.R.T. predictive hard drive failure, etc.
Remote Control
No more waiting for the I.T. guy!
Weekly maintenance
Check disk, defrag, DNS flush, temp file cleanup, etc.
Quarterly Remote Cleanup
(includes checkup+speedup). No need to call us, our scheduler schedules this quarterly. If a virus is found, drop off your computer for a free virus removal.
UNLIMITED Virus Removal
In-shop drop-off check-up, speed-up, clean-up, and virus removal (no limit).
Business-Class Cloud Backup
2GB remote cloud backup included, then $.50/GB.
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