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Game Console Repair & Controller Repair

When you need a game console or controller repaired, contact your local professionals at Prestwood IT in Citrus Heights CA. At Prestwood IT, we take your broken gaming device and get you back in the Game! Our technicians can examine your game console or controller, identify your specific issue, and quickly advise you on the best ways to resolve the problem. We conduct affordable assessments and repairs on consoles and controllers by Playstation, Xbox, and Nintendo in the Greater Sacramento area!

Retro Computer
& Game Console Repair

Love your old-school consoles, but don’t know much about repairing them? We can help get you back in the game.

With our Retro Computer/Console Repair service, you’ll get your beloved old games console or computer up and running like new! Whether it be a Commodore 64 from the 80s or even a Playstation One from the 90s, we can take care of it for you. If your machine isn’t working at all or doesn’t have the correct cables for modern TV’s we can help. Contact us today to set up an appointment.

Sony PlayStation Repair- Prestwood IT

We Are Game Changers
in Game Console Repair

Prestwood IT offers game console and controller repair in Citrus Heights CA. We are Game Changers when it comes to repairing your Playstation 4, Xbox One or Nintendo Switch. Our experts will examine your device, identify the issue, and advise you on the best solution to get you back in the game as quickly as possible! When you have a broken gaming device, contact Prestwood IT today!


$ 125
Per Hour
  • Retro Computer/Console Repair / Service
  • Modern Console Repair / Service
  • Repair / Service Nintendo, PlayStation, Xbox
* Contact Us today for a free estimate

Expert Game Console Repair

Get in touch with the experts at Prestwood IT in Citrus Heights CA when your gaming device is damaged, whether by accident or by wear. We’re committed to providing quality repairs for all your gaming and communication devices, from PlayStation and Xbox to Nintendo and beyond. Our team can examine and repair any issues on your console, controller or peripheral device so you can get back to the games that matter most!

Sony PlayStation Repair

Got Joy-Con Drift?

When you’re in the middle of a heated gaming session and your controller stops working, it’s frustrating. Don’t worry! We can repair your controller or console at a reasonable price. Contact us today to get back into the game!


$ 125
Per Joy-Con
  • Flat Rate Per Joy-Con
  • $150 For Both
  • Call For Multiple Joy-Con's Needing Repair
Joy-Con Drift is a pain, but we have different ways to help fix it. The Simple Tier is a flat-rate that gets your Joy-Con exhibiting minor Joy-Con Drift fixed same-day and working with a very simple fix. Our fix it guaranteed to work or we'll automatically upgrade you to the Advance Tier for free!


$ 150
Approx Labor Cost
  • 45 Minutes Per Controler
  • Technically 30-60 Minutes of Labor
  • + $8 For Replacement Analog Stick
Sometimes Joy-Con Drift is so unwieldy that the simple fixes won't work. In this case we will replace the Joy-Con's analog stick with a brand new unit, as well as include a preventative upgrade to further future-proof the fix.
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