Coding Services

Desktop, browser, and mobile apps that give you that competative edge!

Work with Mike Prestwood, our world class developers, and our PSDP Online database to complete your tasks and projects.

Business Database Applications and Commercial Software

Developing software requires an experienced team that understands how your business works. Prestwood IT Solutions™, a leader in software development process, specializes in end-to-end software development. We use industry best practices combined with our Prestwood Software Development Process™ to ensure a quality work product. There is NO NEED to outsource offshore, solve your software development challenges with our services. We can turn your vision into a tangible solution.

Full Life-Cycle * Maintenance * Updates

Coding * Project Management * QA * Testing * Tech Writing

Free Coding Consultations

Always FREE!
New apps, conversions, and maintenance. Contact us now for honest discussion of your tasks or a project.

Target Platforms

Including Windows native 32bit/64bit, DotNet, browser based, and hand helds.

Core Technologies

Including C#/VB.Net to MS SQL as well as Delphi, ASP Classic, and even classic Paradox (ObjectPAL).

Coding Process

Prestwood Software Development Process (PSDP)
...Got Process?

Need a Co-Developer?

If you're a Paradox, MS Access, C#, or Delphi coder, we can help. For coding support clients, the cost is $345 to open your account which includes your first four hours.

We are located near Sacramento, CA and can handle all of your software development needs including a single 2 hour task, a $10k project, a $400k
project, and ongoing development.

If your business doesn’t have a computer department or your computer department is over extended, Prestwood can help. Use Prestwood
to complete tasks, start-to-end projects, developer help, and maintenance work.

Core Competencies

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