Corel Paradox Support Plan

Looking for ongoing support?

Corel Paradox ObjectPAL Support & Maintenance Plan

Coding Help

With our application maintenance plan, you can leverage an existing application longer to achieve a higher return on your investment.

If you have an unmaintained application, we can help maintain it. For a monthly fee you get a dedicated developer, version control, ongoing documentation, our PSDP process, and included time. When you have app changes, we use up your included time first then bill with a lower rate. When there are no app changes, we spend the time learning your code base, documenting your system, and cross training.

Paradox Support:
  • Setup from simple single user, multi-user using Net Files, to terminal server management.
  • Lock File Cleanup help removing lock files when needed.
  • ObjectPAL Coding including advanced coding needs.
  • Feature enhancements including adding new tracking fields, searches, etc.
  • Reporting maintenance including adding new reports and changing existing reports.
Key Benefits:
  • Dedicated Developer who learns your codebase, your processes, your culture, and becomes a valuable asset to your company.
  • Included Time is used for completing tasks, learning your code base, documentation, and cross training.
  • Maintained Dev Environment ready for work when you need us to research something or code.
  • Maintained Version Control is a best practice in the industry and allows us to rollback to previous versions.
  • Documentation of your application within our online ticket system for which you have access.
  • Process is important for a successful coding effort. We use our Prestwood Software Development Process (PSDP) which is integrated with our online ticket system.

Monthly Fee:  $195/mo.
1x Setup Fee*:
Setting up your initial development environment
including time copying your files
and setting up aliases and any other tasks
including learning your application billed hourly.
Maintained Developer Environment Check Yes
Maintained Version Control Check Yes
Included Flex-Time/Month
(Up to 1 hour included per month.)
1 Hour
Paradox Service Rate $150
Server Rate: $150
Weekend & After Hours Rate:
Scheduled work outside our regular hours.
Emergency Rate
Unscheduled work outside regular hours.
Regular Rate:
Other regular work during regular hours.


Included Flex-Time

Included flex-time is used for billed hourly work and can be used for any labor including tech, website, and coding. When you authorize time, the included time is ALWAYS used up first.

Codebase Knowledge + Documentation Available

Documentation is important. We can document your Paradox application. Including tasks such as developer-oriented documentation, code commenting, code reviews, etc. Documention allows us to learn the features and codebase well and keeps us sharp. A developer can learn your code base either by performing work, or by study and documentation. Our preferred approach is is a balance between the two.

Proper documentation gives us the opportunity to implement best practices which save you time and money. This approach is still a light development process, but we do more of the minimums.

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