Disaster Recovery Services

Protect your important files
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Disaster recovery planning and implementation services.

Disaster recovery (DR) services including planning, preparation, and implementation. Our DR services include cloud-based services as well as onsite preparation, planning, and expertise in recovering from a disaster. Specific services include onsite-backup, incremental backups, bare metal imaging, and cloud storage. Preventative services included patch management, managed antivirus, and utilization of devices such as RAID controllers, redundant power supplies, and UPSs. We also offer advanced planning such as fail-over servers, fail-over phone systems, and disaster rooms complete with workspace, phones, computers, and everything you need to stay productive. We can even supervise quarterly disaster drills where your staff works a half or full day in the disaster room.

What level of DR do you need? 
How much down-time can you afford?


DR Planning

Let us help you decide what level of DR is right for you. We can help you decide on what level of local and cloud-based technologies is appropriate for you as well as secure your data and plan for continuity in the event of small or large disasters. We will help you decide if you need advanced DR such as fail-over servers, fail-over phone systems, and disaster rooms. We can even help plan or supervise disaster drills.

DR Prevention

The first step is to implement the industry best practices to prevent most common problems.

  • Managed Care – Connect your network, computers, etc. to the cloud and take advantage of our best-of-breed monitoring, management, and support.
  • Managed Antivirus – Centralized control + realtime health dashboard.
  • Managed Mobile Devices – Track or wipe stolen devices.
  • Blacklist Monitoring – If you’re on a blacklist, some of your emails will NOT go through!
  • Web Protection – Block bad websites. Monitor employee internet usage.

DR Continuity

How much down time can you afford?

  • Email Buffering – If you’re email server goes down, or is rebooted, you want your email buffered until it’s back online.
  • Email Continuity – If you’re email server goes down for an extended period, you need access to your email buffer to process important emails.
  • Failover Server – Add a secondary AD to our private cloud with failover, replicate your file server, etc.


Has the worse occurred? We can help.

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