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Our team of experts is here to help you maximize your website's visibility, drive targeted traffic, and achieve higher conversion rates. With our comprehensive SEO strategies and compelling copywriting, you'll elevate your online presence and dominate your industry.

Improve your Business' Search Visibility, Rankings and Organic Traffic.

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Why do you need SEO? Control!

Robot Control

Take control of how search engines see your website. Control what pages they see, and what content they focus on using robots.txt, sitemap, follow, nofollow, etc.

Share Control

Take control of what content they display using meta data when someone searches your site, or shares your stuff.

Ranking Control

For less competitive searches, on-page SEO will work extremely well. For more competitive searches, well, at least you're in the ballgame! 

Why do you need our service? Expertise!

On-Page SEO

Most can establish good on-page SEO. Great on-page SEO requires an industry professional and ongoing attention.

Evolving Techniques

Keeping up with the evolving industry best practices is a time consuming task more easily accomplished by an industry professional.


If you like reading about SEO, social networks, attracting visitors, then you likely can guide yourself. With our service, you can focus more on the "doing" and leave the "what to do" to us.



Initial setup is $100 per optimized page and $25 for each excluded page. Site wide changes such as excluding tags, initial setup of robots.txt, sitemaps, etc. is included within this setup fee. This fee includes initial 1x on-page SEO which is also audited quarterly for needed changes based on evolving industry best practices.

Monthly Fee

The monthly fee is $270/month with a 1-year agreement. Our plan is PACKED full of features! This fee includes our monthly maintenance plan!*

*Monthly maintenance is $125 when sold separately. This means you are adding our SEO plan to your website maintenance for just $145/month.

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Is duplicate data hurting you?

Is your website fast enough?

Are you lazy loading images?

Are archive pages hurting you?

Has Google Pandalized you?

Do you need a Panda Diet?

Is your data featured on Google using Schema?

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We can set you up,

take care of any coding needs,

perform monthly maintenance,

and ongoing SEO,

and guide your social media efforts!

Managed WordPress Plans

Managed WP

WordPress Hosting-Only

$ 25
  • WP Hosting
  • Basic Monitoring
  • Basic Maintenance
  • WP Super Cache, WP Optimize, Duplicate Page, Resize Image After Upload
  • Our core design tools
  • PrestoTheme (Astra Pro), Elementor Pro, Ultimate Addons for Elementor, and Elementor Extras.
Do-It-Yourself Plan

WP Maintenance

Hosting + Maintenance

$ 245
  • Managed WP Hosting
  • Plus:
  • Advanced Monitoring
  • Monthly Maintenance
  • Automated Maintenance
  • Our core Maintenance Tools
  • UpdraftPlus Pro, iThemes Security, Activity Log, Broken Links Checker, Security Scan
No SEO Plan


Hosting + Maintenance + SEO

$ 345
  • Managed WP Hosting
  • WP Maintenance
  • Plus:
  • Monthly SEO Tasks
  • Our core SEO Tools
  • SEOPress Pro, Schema Pro, Asset Cleanup, Fast Velocity Minify, WP Compress
  • PrestoStats Platform
  • Our implementation of Matomo-Piwik.
  • PrestoSEO Platform
  • Our implementation of SEO Panel.
Fully Managed


Host. + Maint. + SEO + Marketing

$ 595
  • Managed WP Hosting
  • WP Maintenance
  • SEO
  • Plus:
  • Convert Pro
  • PrestoMarketing Platform
  • Our implementation of the Mautic marketing platform combined with Convert Pro.
Fully Managed + Marketing

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