Configure Elementor Pro with UAE, EE, EA, and PAFE


This post is for those that use the pro versions of…

  • Elementor Pro 2.7,
  • Ultimate Addons for Elementor (UAE), 
  • Elementor Extras (EE), 
  • Essential Addons (EA), 
  • and Piotnet Addons for Elementor (PAFE) — they have a bunch of duplicate functionality to Elementor Pro I wish to avoid.

These wonderful plugins have overlapping features. Some overlap with each other, and some overlap with Elementor Pro. I love the power of having all of them installed, but I don’t like forgetting which I currently prefer and I really dislike features that overlap with the current version of Elementor Pro. If you’re in the same boat, this post is for you.

Configure PAFE (vs. Elementor Pro 2.7)

First things first. I really wish PAFE had a Disable Duplicate Features that disabled all features that overlap with Elementor Pro. Until then, disable the following features of PAFE that have since been rolled into Elementor Pro either entirely or more than good enough:


  • Absolute Positioning,
  • Display Inline Block,
  • Font Awesome 5, 
  • Disable all form features (So many form options available to us! I just don’t use these ones.)
    • Ctrl+F for “Field” features,
    • Ctrl+F for “Form” features,
    • Submit Post.
  • Ctrl+F for Gallery, Garllery (yes, miss-spelled), and Lightbox features,
  • Multiple Background Images, 
  • Parallax Backgrounds, 
  • Sticky Header.
Next I turn off the following which I just think are too much and not needed:
  • Advanced Nav Menu Styling
  • Convert Image to Black or White
  • Ctrl+F for “Responsive” (border, column, etc.)

Configure Essential Addons

Elements Tab, disable:

  • Advanced Accordion
  • Data Table

Extensions Tab, disable:

  • Parallax
  • Advanced Tooltip
  • Reading Progress Bar (we use Read Meter plugin). 
Tools Tab:
  • Disable Show Quick Tools in Admin Bar?

Configure UAE

In Settings > UAE


  • Timeline
Feature+Notes Elem Pro UAE EE EA PAFE
They all are good and kind of work the same. EAU is what I used to create this table.
Nearly identical. I prefer EE version because of where it is located.
Parallax Features
I prefer Elementors parallax features.
Particle Backgrounds
Use UAE over EA.
Conditional Display
Conditional display content based on conditions like time of day, DOW, DOM, DOY, page, etc. Watch Video
For manual accordions, I stick with Elementor Pro plus the PAFE extension. For dynamic post-based, I use Easy Accordion Pro.
For historical timelines, I use Cool Timeline Pro.

Elementor Addons

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